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Jesse Endo Jenks


University of Puget Sound

B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science - double major
Tacoma, WA


magna cum laude
May 2018

Relevant Courses

University of Puget Sound / Budapest Semesters in Mathematics, Study Abroad
  • Algorithms, A. I., Software Engineering, Compilers, Optimization, Theory of Computing
  • Abstract Algebra I & II, Linear Algebra, Real Analysis I & II, Set Theory, Topology, Mathematical Logic



Software Engineer

Relyance AI, Mountain View, CA
October 2021 - Present
  • Working on semantic code analysis to detect data flows of personal information
  • Migrated to open source tree-sitter parsers for language frontends
  • Designed and implemented a new Python backend pipeline for analysis, containerized with Docker and deployed to Kubernetes

Full-stack Software Engineer

Hex Insights, Seattle, WA
September 2018 - October 2021
  • Worked on a small team building single-page applications with React, Go, Express, Django, and Postgres
  • Conducted unit and integration tests using the Jest framework
  • Implemented custom API query system that significantly dropped page load times
  • Created custom loading animations with React and HTML5 canvas
  • Designed RESTful APIs to interface with custom databases

Makerspace Assistant

University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA
Spring 2018
  • Assisted students and faculty in using 3D printers, Arduino boards, Raspberry Pis, a laser cutter, a silhouette cutter, button makers, and other equipment

Teaching Assistant

University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA
Spring 2017
  • Graded assignments and assisted professor in administration for a class of 19 students on Formal Logic
  • Provided twice-weekly dedicated tutoring sessions throughout the semester

Department Tutor

University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA
Spring 2016 - Spring 2017, 2018
  • Provided weekly peer tutoring for all class levels

Media Services Staff

University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA
Fall 2014 - Fall 2016
  • Performed troubleshooting for staff and faculty on campus
  • Handled media requests for classes, events, and presentations

  • Personal website showcasing various interactive Javascript projects
  • Blog section contains over 20 interactive projects on topics ranging from fractals, cellular automata, Markov chains, neural nets, and many others

Typescript Parser Combinator Library

March 2021 - Present
  • Created a parser combinator library, written in TypeScript.
  • Available on GitHub.

Blog Post Filter Language

Fall 2019
  • Created a simple language for filtering blog posts, and implemented a parser and interpreter
  • Built a demo page with a custom syntax highlighted editor

Neural Net javascript library

Fall 2017
  • Wrote a neural net library from scratch in javascript to visualize in this blog post
  • Implements backpropagation Includes a variety of activation and cost functions

COMAP Mathematical Contest in Modeling Finalist

Spring 2017
  • Finished in top 11 out of 1,527 teams from around the world with 2 other teammates
  • Created cellular automata-based model to study the influence self-driving cars may have on traffic flow
  • In the news!

Raspberry Pi Slackbot

Spring 2017
  • Created a chatbot trained on text messages, YouTube comments, and Shakespeare
  • Loaded onto a Raspberry Pi so that members could chat with it through a Slack channel

Summer Research Paper

Summer 2016
  • Conducted independent research on differing views on the foundations of mathematics
  • Wrote a 20 page research paper on John Etchemendy’s criticism of Tarskian model theory

School Activities


President, Computer Science club
2016 - 2017


Mathematics Honor Society
Inducted Spring 2017


Computer Science Honor Society
Inducted Spring 2016


Honor Society
Inducted Spring 2015

Academic and Other Awards

School of Music Scholarship

2014 - 2018

Edward Goman Math Scholarship

2016 - 2018

Graduated with Honors from Budapest Semesters in Mathematics

Fall 2017

Collier Interdisciplinary Scholarship

Fall 2016

Other Interests

Interests, Skills

Cello, Logic, Philosophy of Mathematics